How to Build the Unshakable Confidence, Motivation, and Follow-Through of a "1% Man"...  In 30-Days or Less

If you’ve been “trying your best” to achieve a goal or make a big change in your life and it hasn’t worked… 
I’ve got a brutal truth for you 

…It isn’t GOING to work. 

Trying harder is NOT the answer. 

Hustling, grinding, and using willpower ain't gonna cut it. 

The mindset that got you HERE won’t get you where you want to go. 

Instead of doing the SAME shit that failed you in the past (and getting the same lame results)... 

…What if you changed the way you THOUGHT about success, motivation, confidence and YOURSELF? 

Because at the end of the day, to get different RESULTS you must take different ACTIONS. 

But the catch is… 

To take different ACTIONS you first have to think different THOUGHTS. 

You have to upgrade the lens you use to view the world and approach problems. 

You need to challenge your beliefs and assumptions and hunt for new ways to get what you’re after. 


You can try to figure it out yourself. 


You can turn to the men who are already living the life you want and simply MODEL THEIR MINDSET to get twice the results in half the time. 

That’s exactly what I did, and the results blew me away: 
  • I went from STRUGGLING to make a measly $1,000 a month as a freelancer to regularly earning $20,000+ a month from my laptop (while working less than the average 9-5er) 

  • ​I went from a 6’ 130lb unathletic bean pole to packing on 45 pounds of muscle, competing in Jujitsu tournaments, and building the body I’d always fantasized. 

  • ​I went from struggling to talk to women (and embarrassing myself every time I tried) to building an unreal dating life with high quality women… and then marrying the woman of my dreams. 

  • ​I went from being shy and socially awkward to effortlessly rubbing shoulders and landing 5-figure contracts with billionaires, NTY best-selling authors, and elite entrepreneurs. 

  • ​I traveled the world and explored 11 countries on my own dime (with four more scheduled for this year). 

Let me be clear… 

I’m not saying ANY of this to brag or to show you how awesome I am. 

Quite the OPPOSITE. 

I’m sharing this because I’m NOT special. 
  • I grew up middle class and got kicked out of my house at 18 when I decided to drop out of college. 
  • ​I’m not smarter than the average bear–I have serious ADHD, and I only passed highschool because I got really good at cheating (something I’m not proud of). 
  • ​I’m naturally lazy and easily distracted by pretty much everything… SQUIRREL! 
  • ​I was homeschooled for half my life and, as a result, started out with the charisma of a dead ant. 
But little by little… 

I discovered that there IS a system that any man can use to achieve epic results in any area of his life. 

Let me break down how I did it step by step. 


Because until you understand your unique personality, strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and beliefs…

You’re flying blind. 

For example:

When I was a door to door salesman (yup, I was that guy)...
I’d look at the other reps around me driving their baby blue Aston Martins and earning $60,000 commission checks each month… 

And wonder what the HELL was wrong with me? 

Why were they crushing it when I could barely make minimum wage? 

For the longest time I thought that I was the problem. 

But then I realized… 

I’m a friggin introvert! 

I hated knocking on doors. I hated talking to strangers. And frankly, I hated selling (at least, I hated selling cutlery to strangers). 

Even though there was plenty of opportunity in the company I was working for… it wasn’t the right opportunity for me

And so I quit my sales job and decided to focus instead on skills that complimented my introversion… 

Specifically: Writing and marketing.  

And in less than a year, I went from earning $8 an article writing for no-name blogs to ghostwriting for companies like Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur Magazine… 

Sometimes earning more than $1,000 per article! 

All while doing something I enjoyed… that I could do from anywhere… and that was aligned with my personality and strengths. 

And this is just a tiny example of how improving your self awareness allows you to make the right decisions, install the right habits, and achieve your goals in the way that’s right for you. 

NEXT: I Started Working on my CONFIDENCE 

Because to be blunt... 

I didn't have a lot of reasons TO be confident.  
  • I was shy, socially awkward and, frankly, kind of annoying (I still cringe thinking about all the times I jammed my foot into my mouth during important social interactions). 
  • I was 130 lb and covered with acne (not exactly the picture of a confident masculine man).  
  • I was working as a restaurant host at and then a sales rep for a cutlery company (barely making enough to keep gas in my car)
  • I didn’t have a girlfriend or any prospects of getting one (at least not the types of women I was interested in).
And no matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to be the “Nice guy” finishing last in everything he did. 

But I was lucky enough to have a mentor fly me out to San Diego for a 4-day men’s retreat. 

While I was there, one of the speakers shared his own journey with confidence.  

And he showed that confidence was a skill set, not a genetic trait. 

That there are immutable principles you can apply to increase your confidence... 

... Regardless of your looks, income, social skills, or other external traits.

Once I started applying these principles… 

Things started clicking into place in a way that I’d never believed was possible. 

Women actually responded to me in a positive way (and I started dating girls I once believed were “out of my league”).  

Instead of settling for table scraps with my new writing clients, I took a stand for my worth and landed huge raises and better referrals. 

My shyness and awkward tendencies melted away and were replaced by a feeling of calm, quiet confidence that felt completely natural to me. 

As I started to understand myself on a deeper level and build greater levels of self esteem, I turned my sights towards the pillar of CLARITY. 
Because here’s the thing… 

You can be the most confident mf’er on the planet. 

You can know yourself inside and out. 

But if you don’t have clarity on what you want and HOW to get it in the most efficient way possible… you’re still going to struggle. 
Even after I developed my confidence, I spent years struggling to get ahead because I was focused on too many things. 

I didn’t know how to get clarity on the 2-3 things that mattered MOST. 

And so I ran around in circles doing shit that just didn’t matter. 

But with the help of my mentors and coaches, I slowly started to decode the science of pristine clarity… 

Discovering exactly what mattered most and learning how to ignore everything that didn’t. 

Once I began to master this... 

I had to tackle the fourth and final pillar... 

Creating UNSTOPPABLE Motivation 

Like I said, I’m a naturally lazy guy with gnarly ADHD. 

Even though I don’t have a hard time getting motivated… I’ve always struggled to stay motivated long enough to actually complete the projects I started. 
  • I’d bounce from workout to workout every 3 weeks, never sticking with a program long enough to see results. 
  • I’d “start” 50 different businesses… but never follow through long enough to see my first sale. 
  • I’d buy hundreds of books and courses… and promptly forget about them before getting through the first section.  
Here’s the deal…

Top performing men know that focus and motivation are the key to a fulfilling life. 

They’re the proverbial glue that holds everything together and allows you to make progress on the things that matter most. 

But the way they THINK about focus and motivation are completely different than how most people think. 

For the top 1% of men… 

Motivation isn’t a feeling they chase. 

It’s the result of SYSTEMS they build into their lives. 

Systems that work regardless of their emotional state. 

And once you apply these systems into YOUR life, taking action becomes effortless. 

Instead of relying on motivation and willpower and “hoping” that things get done… you have proven frameworks and mental models to guarantee they’re accomplished. 

On time. Every time. 


I spent years hunting for, discovering, and testing hundreds of mental principles and frameworks. 

Slowly, but surely (and with a lot of help)... 

I refined this list down the bare essentials. 

A core series of frameworks and concepts that––once you understand them––have the power to change the way you look at the world for good. 

For example, a mentor of mine once told me that the fastest way to improve your life isn’t to try and add anything NEW… but to subtract the things that are stealing your time, energy, and attention. 

Want to beat anxiety?

It’s better to stop watching the news and pounding coffee than it is to start meditating. 

Want to lose weight? 

It’s more important to cut out the weekly fast food binges than it is to down a daily green smoothie. 

Want to improve your finances? 

It’s more important to pay off your 20% interest credit cards than to invest in a fund that yields 10%. 

And that’s just ONE framework. 

WHich is why I’m so excited… 

Because I want to share more than 16 of these powerful frameworks with you. 

The #1 thing that separates the top performing men from average Joes who live for the weekend is the way they THINK about the world. 

Their beliefs, mental models, and mindsets are what ALLOW them to take different action––not the other way around. 

And if you’re ready to take different actions so that you can get different results… 

It all starts with that three pound glob of gray matter between your ears. 



“Swipe and Deploy” Mental Frameworks for Sustainable Success 

A step by step system designed to install the EXACT mental frameworks of top performing men into your life… in less than 30-days. 

These frameworks will allow you to go from giving up and losing belief in yourself… to unshakable confidence. 

From feeling lost, unsure, and off purpose… to knowing EXACTLY what you want… and how you’re going to achieve it step by step. 

From rampant laziness, procrastination, and being a “serial quitter”… to unlocking unstoppable motivation and the ability to follow through on your goals every time. 



  • How to shine a light on your mental blind spots and quickly identify the beliefs and behaviors holding you back from your goals

  • The REAL reason you sabotage your relationships, goals, and important projects (and how to end it for good) 

  • 3 questions that will give you instant clarity on the “hidden beliefs” keeping you stuck in the status quo 

  • ​How to used “Leveraged Dissent” to instantly upgrade your personal operating system and develop a proven, repeatable winning mindset  

  • ​How to break through the “Imaginary Ceilings” keeping you stuck and operating at 30% of your true potential 

  • Bust through the bullshit myths that keep you stuck (and face the truth about why you aren’t making progress)  

  • ​Why meditation, the 5AM club, and other common success tactics DON’T work (and what to do instead) 

  • ​3 dead simple “Self Awareness Triggers” that can 10X your quality of life 

  • ​How to instantly become a better learner (even if you had a 1.0 GPA and were programmed to believe that you’re “stupid”) 

  • ​How to remove the guilt and shame around anxiety, depression, laziness, and other “negative states” 

  • ​The art of becoming a “Self Awareness Scientist” 


  • The #1 confidence myth that keeps men trapped 

  • ​Why almost everything you’ve learned about confidence is wrong (and what it truly means to be confident). 

  • ​2 practical tools to develop “meta confidence” today

  • ​How a two inch domino can 10X your confidence 

  • ​Why SEQUENCE is the missing ingredient in your pursuit for confidence (and how to apply it step by step) 

  • ​Why setting big goals and ambitious habits REDUCE your confidence (and what to do instead)

  • ​How to create a “Shitless List” to increase your confidence and push yourself to new limits 

  • ​The ancient Hermetic principle that allow you to 10X your confidence in ANY pursuit (even if it’s completely new) 

  • ​What I learned about confidence by spending more than $1,000,000 on Facebook™ ads 

  • ​The “Gap Trap” that crushes your self esteem and the simple shift to help you bridge that gap for good 

  • ​The principle of “Subtractive Self Esteem” and 4 dead simple ways to apply it today


  • Why 99% of goals and resolutions are doomed from the start… and the simple formula that separates the winning 1% 

  • ​Why you should STOP setting “traditional” goals (and what to focus on instead) 

  • ​The “3 MIQ” exercise from a $100MM entrepreneur 

  • ​The 2-word question that will 10X the potency of every goal you set 

  • ​How to focus on the right things using Warren Buffet’s simple goal setting framework
  • ​Why you should follow your PAIN, not your BLISS 

  • ​Leveraging the “Law of Constraints” to reverse-engineer the exact action steps you need to take (to achieve your biggest goals with ease) 

  • ​How to eliminate 99% of the stress you feel around your big goals by focusing on the RNT 

  • ​The MOST powerful question you can ask yourself to eliminate 90% of your stress, anxiety, and to-do list (and make sure you’re focused on the things that REALLY matter) 

  • ​How to use the SOD framework to make hard decisions easy 

  • ​The “SSD” framework that allows you to compress time and accomplish more in 90 days than most do in a year


  • A simple 30-second tool you can use to build instant momentum (even when you don’t “feel” motivated)  

  • ​The TRUTH about motivation average men don’t know (that elite men do) 

  • ​A no filter, kick-in-the-ass rant about what it REALLY takes to achieve success 

  • ​How the “Gold Medal Principle” can help you reframe stress and struggle and keep going when things get hard 

  • ​The #1 lesson I learned about motivation after training with a former U.S. Navy SEAL  

  • ​Leveraging the power of “Intentional Inoculation” to make hard goals EASY to achieve

  • How a simple spreadsheet can help you 10X your motivation in less than 7 days 

  • ​Why willpower, motivation, and discipline DON’T work (and what to focus on instead) 

  • ​How a Cornell University scientist and an 8” green plate can help you make success automatic and effortless  

  • ​How to add 7 weeks of productive time to your year simply by changing where you sit (according to science) 

  • ​How to leverage “Osmotic Motivation” so you never have to rely on willpower or discipline ever again  

One Shift... One Idea... And EVERYTHING Changes 

And Best of All… It Doesn’t Take Months or Years to See Results with This System

Over the past few years, I've invested more than $182,000 into coaches, courses, masterminds, and mentorship. 

And I can tell you from personal experience ONE idea makes it all worth it. 
  • A SINGLE lesson from a $1,000 copywriting course took me from a "mediocre" marketer to writing a sales letter that pulled in $2.3 MILLION for one of my clients 

  • I invested $5,000 into a training program from Ramit Sethi and used that program to land a $240,000 a YEAR job in just 6 weeks 

  • I've invested more than $92,000 with my coach and it's saved my marriage, my business, and (probably) my life on more than one occasion 

  • A SINGLE lesson from a $297 mindset course helped me go from being scared to sell my services to pitching $30k writing deals with ease 
The truth is... 

MASSIVE success is rarely the result of a single big swing or eye opening idea. 

It's the compound effect of dozens and dozens of little shifts and ideas stacked on top of each other. 

The good news? 

Inside of Master Your Mind... 

I'm going to install more than $182,000 worth of powerful shifts and life changing lessons––in just 30-days. 

The better news? 

You Aren't Going to Pay Even 0.1% of What I Did 

If you've been a member of the ManEvolved brotherhood for a while... 

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And even at that price, it was a steal. 

After all, what would it be worth to you to…

  • Have PRISTINE clarity on exactly what you need to do to achieve your biggest goals 
  • Have a "swipe and deploy" system for getting unstuck, creating confidence, and unlocking limitless motivation
  • Understanding yourself at a deeper level than ever before (and using that "insider information" to build your best life)
  • Finally feel like you're on the right track to building the life you've always wanted (instead of feeling like you're wandering from thing to thing to thing) 

$397? $997? Or more?

Even though I paid $182,000. 

I know that times are challenging. 

And I don't want money to be the reason you don't get the systems and strategies you need to get ahead. 

Which is why... 

All that’s Required for You to Get Lifetime Access to Master Your Mind TODAY is One Tiny Investment of



Unfortunately...  There is No Guarantee (Let Me Explain) 

If you're reading this letter... 

It means that you've purchased SOMETHING from ManEvolved before. 

Which means you know the caliber of the programs we create. 

This isn't a random ad on Facebook. We already have a pre-existing relationship. 

With that, there are no refunds for Master Your Mind, no exceptions. 


1) Extreme Ownership 

You know from the Unbreakable Experience that one of the foundational principles of masculine development is extreme ownership. 

It's a core value of our company and I'm going to hold you to it. Our systems work––you have firsthand experience with this––so don't make an investment in yourself and back out because you aren't willing to do the work. 

2) I Only Want to Work With People I Can Help


If you're the type of person who needs a guarantee... 

Which is really just a cop out so that you can "feel good" about investing in yourself and then get your money back the second you're confronted with the REAL work required to transform

... Then I don't want to work with you. 

I would say, "It's nothing personal" but it IS personal. 

I can't help you if you aren't committed. 

And if I can't help you, I'm not interested in taking your money. 

But if you ARE ready to commit to mastering the inner game of success, just click the link below 
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